3. Bring on the Dessert

Bring on the Dessert

Whip cream anyone? Girls, we've all seen those sexy movie moments where there's chocolate syrup, ice cream, and even sushi involved in sex. A lot of time we think to ourselves how messy it is or probably not going to go as smooth as it looks.

Whip cream is your best bet. Guys want something light, yummy, and playful. Most guys don't admit to wanting to bring food into the bedroom, but a lot of them have a secret whip cream fantasy. Show up with a can and go crazy on each other's bodies! This is a move in bed men love that will make you unforgettable.

Let Your Fingers Roam


Last comment from Shayne was actually Stacey wooops
Shane Constantine
I used to be so sexual such a high sex drive I tought I was weird and now 33 and I lost every bit of it can't even do it to myself its very frustrating:(
@Jack, I love being rimmed but haven't managed anal even with lube as my man is well endowed. We do however have anal beads to play with which we both enjoy. I can drive him crazy playing with his ass...
@Old school lover, yeah right! And your partner gets so much pleasure out of that? Or is she inflatable.... Just be careful with those nails while putting the shelf up :-]
@Ken, I'm lucky as in I haven't a gag reflex which B loves as I can take him deep and swallow his juices too mmmm
@Devon, my Mr B is repulsed by the idea of food and sex together. He wants to devour me not whipped cream and as I've a dairy allergy I can't return the favour.... Altho I did offer to use.... Marmite haha
My first EVER orgasm aged 40 was by my partner when we had a fling in my teens then apart for 25 years, we couldn't get to meet up straight away and we wanted each other so badly, he was telling me wh...
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