7. Touch Yourself

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This is a move in bed men love in and out of the bedroom. It's really good to get know yourself and your body. Men are extremely turned on by the fact that you are able to pleasure yourself all on your own. A lot of guys relate you touching yourself to porn, because that is what has turned them on so many times in their life. You just made a guys digital fantasy become a reality.

Don't Always over-do It


Chris W
@richard, that'd b hot
Oh man I am loving the comments on this post!!! :)
My wife soon ex has a tilted vagina the only way she comes is her on top. Mission is difficult. I love going down she says she doesn't want me to.
Would watching porn help a relationship? What if it becomes an issue?
The thing that I do that drives my man wild is: while in missionary position, run my fingers through his hair, then keeping a hold of his head
Aubrey Heber
The two things that drive my man crazy are when I play and lightly bite his nipples, and when I run my fingernails lightly up and down his whole body when I'm going down on him :) the sensation drives him crazy!
Wow in depth conversations or what!
@Paul kingston, yes
@Deon, so true i hate when they LIE
@Ken oral sex is amazing, There are several ways to compensate if you are unskilled in oral pleasure. If the want is there. A hand with the right amount of pressure mixed with licking and slight sucki...
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