3. The Secret Spots on His Lower Pelvis

Men’s biology is weird. Their reproductive functions involve more than just a pair of danglers and a penis. For example, if you were to turn your shower onto power spray and then aim to the left or right of his penis (on the leg/pelvis), you may hit a nerve that activates during ejaculation. It causes muscles in his lower stomach to tense.

You will visibly see a bit of his stomach (on the left or right) move inwards involuntarily. Kiss his lower stomach around these areas and it feels very nice. If you want to find them, start at his belly button, go three inches to the left or right, and then four inches down (roughly). Kissing any part of his lower abdomen/stomach is a good idea, but the proximity to the penis often makes men anxious for the kisses to descend a little lower.

(Writer Holds Hand over Eyes Picard Style) His TAILBONE


When you get to know him, you find out where he is ticklish.
Some of these are a bit strange. In what occasion would you be be putting your nipples on his feet? Unless you have REALLY saggy boobs.
how do people put there nipples all the way to his feet
Hmmm... very interesting article.
So Neece...how did you do your research?
Just red this to my bf, he just shaked hos head 😂😝
Those are great ideas
Sapna Pathak
Kissing mans nipples n sucking does wonders tried it
Michelle Atchison
I can understand why this article is unexpected places now lol
peony blue
Whatever floats his boat...within reason of course
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