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7 Unfair Expectations Placed on Single Women ...

By Holly

Although there’s nothing wrong with being alone, there are ridiculous expectations placed on single women. For some reason, being in a relationship is more socially acceptable than being single. You might love being alone, but society doesn’t care. There are so many expectations placed on single women that you need to learn to ignore.

1 You Should Settle down by a Certain Age

One of the biggest expectations placed on single women is that they should be married and have children by a certain age, because ‘the clock is ticking.’ However, everyone moves at their own pace. You can always adopt if your biological clock runs out of time. Society shouldn’t force women to get married, because they’re getting older. No one should commit to a lifetime with another, because they feel peer pressured to do so. Wait until you’re personally ready, no matter what the world tells you.

2 You Should Want a Relationship

If you’re single, you’ll always be asked why you’re not in a relationship. Have they ever thought that you like being alone? Some people are meant to be married with children, but other woman love the single life. No one should be put down for their preference. If you want to be alone, don’t feel bad. It’s your own choice.

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3 You Should Be Perfect

Single women need to step out of the house looking beautiful, or people will think they have ‘given up.’ Of course, you don’t always go to the store with the intention of attracting a mate. Sometimes you just want to get milk, and head home for the night. You shouldn’t have to dress up every time you go out in public.

4 You Should Be Independent

If you’re a single woman, people call you independent. They expect you to be able to handle every aspect of your life, without any help. Of course, you can still rely on others. That’s what friends are for, aren’t they? If you can’t change a tire by yourself, don’t be embarrassed to call up a family member. You can’t be capable of everything.

5 You Should Be Obsessed with Your Job

If you’re not in a relationship, it better be because you have a great job that you’re devoting all of your time to. Romantic comedies have made it seem like the only single women out there are the ones who are dedicated to their career. However, there’s nothing wrong with struggling in the romance and job departments. Life is tough.

6 You Should Be Partying

If you’re single, and the rest of your friends are in relationships, they’re going to assume that you’re living the life. Since you don’t have a partner to stay in and watch movies with, you must be partying every single night. Even though everyone assumes that singles are drinking, dancing, and flirting on a daily basis, you spend just as much time in the house as they do.

7 You Should Be Miserable

You could be happier than you've ever been, but everyone will think it's an act. When you're single, everyone expects you to have a secret desire for a relationship. They expect you to cry every night over how lonely you are. In reality, life without a partner can be pretty great. You aren't going to be miserable, just because you're single. There's more to life than men.

Whether you're single or in a loving relationship, all that matters is that you're happy. Are you in a good place in your life, or are you hoping that things improve?

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