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11 Unhealthy Reasons Why Couples Stay Together ...

By Holly

There are unhealthy reasons why couples stay together after their love fades away. Some reasons are selfish while others are meant to please others. Either way, they’re stopping both members of the couple from reaching a higher level of happiness. If one of the following unhealthy reasons why couples stay together applies to you, then you should think about putting an end to the relationship.

1 Don’t Want to Hurt Him

One of the unhealthy reasons why couples stay together is because they genuinely care for their partner and don’t want to hurt them. But it’ll hurt your man more in the long run if you keep him around when you’ve lost your feelings for him. It’s not fair to lie to him. Every moment spent with you is a moment he’s losing out on finding someone new. End the relationship so that you can both move on.

2 Too Comfortable

You might not want to be with your man anymore, but you’re comfortable around him, so you stay. It’s easier that way. Why go through the trouble of ending things just so you can waste your paycheck on new clothes to impress new guys and spend your lonely nights at a bar? Even if the single life is unappealing to you, it’s something you’ll have to deal with if you want to find the perfect guy for you. In the end, it’ll all be worth it.


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3 Scared of Him

If you’re scared that he’s going to hurt you or himself once you leave, you need to handle the situation delicately. It might be difficult, but you need to get out of the relationship despite the possible consequences. If you’re scared for your safety, break up in a public place and get a restraining order if necessary. If you think he’s going to hurt himself, contact one of his close friends or a family member. Fill them in on your worries and tell them to keep an eye on him.

4 Scared of Being Alone

The cuddling, kisses, and sex may be great. But if you’re only staying together because you don’t want to go back to having an empty bed, the relationship needs to end. Don’t wait until you find a new guy to break up with the current one. It’s inconsiderate and makes it seem like you need a man to survive. Besides, single life isn’t so bad! You might enjoy it.

5 Everyone Likes Him

When your family brags about your boyfriend and your friends get jealous over him, it might be hard to let him go. If others urge you to remain in your relationship, don’t let peer pressure get to you. They don’t know your guy as well as you do and haven’t seen how he acts when you’re in private. Even if he is ‘perfect,’ the chemistry might not be there. It’s your life, your relationship, and your decision whether you should end things.

6 Money

If you rely on your boyfriend to pay for your meals or rent, you might feel like it would be impossible to survive without him. Look for a job so that you’re able to support yourself and end the relationship. It’s not fair to use him for money. If your relationship is centered on cash, there’s nothing genuine bonding you together. So stop dating and start working.

7 Kids

Children are the biggest reason why couples who no longer want to be together stay together. They want what’s best for their kids, so they decide to keep their relationship going. But studies show that children of divorced parents end up happier than children who have parents that constantly fight. You don’t want your children to get the wrong idea of what a relationship entails. If you feel like your love is lost, end it officially. Your kids will understand one day.

8 You Live Together

Just because you both live together doesn't mean that you have to stay together. Granted, one of you will need to move out eventually, but you can't use living together as an excuse to be together. After all, don't you want to be happy?

9 There Are Some Good Times

While there might be some amazing times that you have with your boyfriend, are the good times going to outweigh the bad? Most likely not. That means that you've really got to remember the bad times when you are saying the good times are the best!

10 You Feel You Can't do Better

The insecurity is hard to deal with, but just know that there is someone else out there and that you can do better. Being with someone just because you think that you can't do any better is never a healthy reason to be with someone!

11 Sickness

Finally, I know that it is really difficult to leave someone when they are going through some type of illness or sickness -- but you've really got to think about your options. Are you wanting to leave because of the sickness or are you just not happy with your partner anymore? Think about it!

If you’re dating for the wrong reasons, I hope you consider ending things soon. Have any of you stayed in a relationship for far too long because of one of these reasons? How did it end?

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