7 Unique and Fun Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples ...


7 Unique and Fun Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples ...
7 Unique and Fun Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples ...

If you enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, and surfing, then these date ideas for adventurous couples are perfect for you! Some couples like to go to flea markets, take in a movie, and then call it a night, but not you, oh no not you! There is never a weekend where you are just sitting at home on the couch watching TV and eating popcorn. You’re wild and adventurous. You are ready for more, so that’s why I’m here to help you with these fun date ideas for adventurous couples…

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Rock Climbing

So you’ve hiked the Appalachian trail, but you’ve never actually experienced this date idea for adventurous couples and are ready to try it out. Rock climbing can be a great date idea for active couples, but do note that doing it on your own in the outdoors isn’t like rocking climbing a wall at the gym. If this is your first time trying this activity, join a group or a class that has an experienced instructor.


Race Car Driving

Are you a big fan of NASCAR and drivers like Jeff Gordon or legend Dale Earnhardt? Well don’t just watch them drive around the racetrack, get in the car yourself! Depending on your budget and your skills, you can either ride along with an experienced driver in an actual NASCAR race car, or you can get in the driver’s seat and take a few laps around the track on your own! An adventurous date like this one would be a great birthday or anniversary gift.


Kayaking or Canoeing

I have recently been on my first fishing trip with my husband and even caught a fish on the first try! However, I have yet to try kayaking, but I hear it’s pretty easy if you’ve been wanting to try this out yourself. You can rent kayaks and canoes at many local parks that have big lakes. If you are new to this activity, stick to calm waters and always wear a life jacket.


Horseback Riding

Whether you travel along a guided trail or learn a few rodeo tricks, horseback riding is a great date idea for any couple, adventurous or not. There are ranches that will take you through state park trails for the day, teach you how to groom, saddle, and ride, or make a cowboy/girl out of you during a camping adventure.


Shooting Range

Are you a new gun owner looking for lessons or just looking for something new and exciting to try? Well, a date night at the shooting range will definitely give you an experience that you’ve never had before! Some places will provide you with a handgun, rifle, or shotgun during the course, however some expect you to bring your own gun and safety equipment. No matter your level of expertise, always remember that handling a gun is serious and should not be played around with.


Scuba Diving

This water activity is not the same as snorkeling. Scuba diving is a deep water experience that will take you further below the surface than snorkeling does. Many local YMCAs have classes that will take you from the pool to open waters so you can earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification. Do your research before settling on this date idea, it isn’t something you do in just one weekend. Some places require you to buy your own equipment before you sign up.



Well I must admit that this term is new to me, so don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it either! However, you may have heard of what it is also known as, caving. It comes from the term speleology, which is the study of caves. If you are spelunking then you are exploring the depths of a cave and all of its natural elements. It is advised that you do this on a guided tour as well as with safety equipment.

These date ideas for adventurous couples are not for everyone, so please make sure you are in good health before you try to drive a race car or go scuba diving! What are some adventurous dates you’ve been on recently?

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I recommend spelunking, it\'s so fun. My boyfriend and I work at some local caverns and a spelunking tour where we work was one of our first dates (: I highly recommend it

This made me want to get in a racer lol

There is nothing more wonderful than hearing your hunny say \"On belay!\" Melts my heart every time!

I recommend skydiving together!!! :)

@ Alejandra Morales, you still wear a suit others have wor

I had bought a ticket for my boyfriend to drive a race car but then we didn\'t go because he doesn\'t like germs and didn\'t want to put on the same suits that a bunch of other people were wearing. Blah what a waste of my money :-(. What are some good ideas that would be less \"germy\"?

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