7 Unique Benefits of a Polyamorous Relationship ...


If you don't understand being in a polyamorous relationship, it can be hard to see all of the benefits of a polyamorous relationship, but there are a lot! If you're wondering why people would ever enter into a relationship like this, take a look below! I've got all of the top benefits of a polyamorous relationship that proves that these types of relationships can absolutely work -- for the people who want them, of course; they're definitely not for everyone! So girls, you ready to dive deep into a polyamorous relationship?

1. Expands Your Options for Intimate Relating

When you are in a polyamorous relationship, it can actually expand exactly how you relate to other people intimately. Being in this type of relationship will force you to open up a lot and honestly, that is one of the top benefits of a polyamorous relationship! Who wouldn't want to be more intimate with people?

Lessens Pressure


Heather Jensen
Hi Tina! I definitely know that it's hard to work in this type of relationship and takes a lot of patience and understanding, but I think that it can work, with the right people. :)
I think that a relationship like that just hurts everyone in the end.
Tina Michelle Hacker
I've had one of these in the past. Turn to one when the other would fall short. In the end it hurt everyone and made me question my own integrity.
Heather Jensen
Hi Janet! I don't necessarily think that, that is a reason to be in this type of relationship. There are benefits to these relationships and while they might not work for you, that is not exactly a...
Heather Jensen
Hi Brittany! That is definitely not the point of a polyamorous relationship. These relationships are built of love and they work for some people, they might not work for you, but that doesn't mean that they are wrong.
Janet L Davis
@ Brittany Ha ha! Agreed! When I started reading this article after the 1st few sentences all I could manage to see in the words was, "Wow! An excuse to f@#k around with LOTS of my males friends"! Ya...
because being promiscuous is glamorous.
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