10 Unique Date Ideas 💡 Inspired by Your Fave 😁 Romantic 💘 Flicks ...

If date night has become lax lately, then you need these ideas from collegecandy.com to help you spice things up. All these fab and unique ideas you probably haven't thought of yet, will revamp your date nights into an extraordinary new bonding experience that you both will enjoy together! Say thanks to your favorite chick flicks for helping inspire this wonderful and creative list!

1. Art Night, Inspired by Titanic

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I’m not saying your boyfriend has to draw you life one of Jack’s French girls (but hey, go for it if you want!), but take a cue from the artist and go to a BYOB paint class with your partner. Not only will you let out your artsy creativity, but you both get a fun souvenir from the class.

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