7. Ribbons and Wrapping Paper from Your Gifts

If your man buys you the gift of a lifetime, you probably won't be able to fit it inside of your scrapbook. However, you can fit the ribbon that he placed on the gift inside of the scrapbook.

If he wrapped your gift with wrapping paper, then you can even use it to cover a page of the scrapbook.

Scrapbooks are the cutest way to put together all of your favorite photos and items that you want to keep forever. Imagine how much fun it'll be to look back on it in the future! Have you ever created a scrapbook that you're proud of?


Chloe Conley
My only issue is ripping pages from books, the rest sounds super cute for couples (not in one though hahaha😭)
Gauri Talwar
This is so beautiful! I really want to fall in love and do this! (Hehe)
Omfg the screenshot tip is super genius. Thanks!
Lucy Campbell
Luv them tips. Thx girl
Not yet, still collecting. Do plan on making one soon :-)
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