5 Unique 🌈 Ways to Catch 🔒 His Attention 😍 ...

Do you want some unique ways to catch his attention? You thought doing his laundry and making the bed would make him more attracted to you. Well, they might appreciate that, but there are some unique ways that really catch a guy's attention. Ever understand why he was staring at another girl and not at you? Watch and read on for a few tips on what SHE is doing and YOU are not. Here are the best unique ways to catch his attention.

A really cute video, huh? Published by Top 5s First, on April 7, 2017, the discussion is simple. If you do these tricks, he'll probably overheat!

1. Bite Your Bottom Lip

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Personally, I think this is done intentionally anyway. Why else would you want to bite your lip?

2. Take off Your Bra underneath Your Shirt

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This one is good. At least men will realize that bras are not all that comfortable. OK, who am I trying to kid, they want to see the boobage.

3. Quickly Apply Make-up

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This shows talent, skill and creates beauty.

4. Do Stretches

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OK, now they want to see the butt.

5. Use Good Posture

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Unless you are a Barbie doll, some of us really do have to work at this. Perfect posture is sometimes hard to maintain. But if you have a straight back, by all means, flaunt it!

Leave me a comment if the radiator ends up malfunctioning (AKA: overheats)! I am anxious to hear about your experience with the above! Good luck!

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