6. Masculine Yet Sensitive

Another expectation that is required in a man is masculinity and strength. He is supposed to protect and support his family but yet at the same time he has to be the exact opposite of that and have a sensitive side. I can only imagine how confusing it may be for them to please the female population!

Nonstop Romance


My bf is masculine yet sensitive! :)
My man remains silent n does not say anything . He says when he is in his mood. He remains quiet. What should I do? Plzzzz help
I'm so fortunate&blessed!!After 3 children&20 years of marriage,he still kisses me good-bye&says"I love you"before he leaves for work,even if he gets called out at 3a.m.,&kisses me&...
My man does/is all that...:) I'm so lucky and amazed every day!
Ya Tan
Ohhhhh plenty.
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