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There are a lot of ways to get over a breakup. There are certain things you can do and ways to change your perception that help you get on the mend faster and even productively. So when you’re feeling down and like you may never feel better again, be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to mend while pushing yourself to grow. Always remember that you will get through it. Trust me! Read on for 11 uplifting ways to get over a breakup and get on with your most important journey of all - yours!

1. Have Sad Time

One of the most important ways to get over a breakup, ironically, is to not avoid it! Allow yourself to feel sad when you walk by that awesome Chinese restaurant the two of you loved to frequent together. Feel the emotion, cry it out and don’t try to force it away or hide it. It doesn’t help - you have to let yourself feel sadness! Just give yourself a rule: there is β€œsad time,” meaning, only let yourself dwell on the sadness, completely, for a little bit. Then, get up and move on with your day!

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Kat Kay
'See the relationship for the beauty that it did have' great advice. This article was written very nicely very compassionate.
I'm someone that refuses to ask for advice and talk about my feelings but reading surprisingly made me feel better. I definitely plan on using this when times get hard to handle.
Ashley Reese
I met my ex in my happy place...
Another thing that really helps is meeting new people! And really using this time to love yourself :-)
Really enjoyed reading this. Thank you ❀️
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