11. Focus on You

Okay, so you’ve utilized all these tactics and small personal achievements to begin healing. By now you’re probably feeling slightly better, slightly stronger and probably even more knowledgeable about your own character and what you want. So, make sure moving forward you focus on yourself! You may meet a cute guy at your local coffee shop, and it may seem that when you become single all types of guys just pop out of the woodwork, but keep the focus on your life!

Even when dating or beginning to crush on someone new, remember how far you’ve come, and how much you deserve to focus on yourself. Keep your mantras, songs and art tactics at-bay, and never let go of who you are.

After getting over a breakup, you’ll be much better off and ready to potentially dive into another relationship - wiser, stronger and with a past love tucked away. Or, maybe you’ll want to spend quite a bit of time on your own. Remain true and kind to yourself, and do what makes you happy. What other things helped you get over a breakup? Do tell!


@ coolsweetpea I could not agree more.
I chose to really love myself and appreciate just being me. Being in the relationship that I was in made me not love myself as much. I found myself doing everything I could so my ex could love me more...
Kat Kay
'See the relationship for the beauty that it did have' great advice. This article was written very nicely very compassionate.
I'm someone that refuses to ask for advice and talk about my feelings but reading surprisingly made me feel better. I definitely plan on using this when times get hard to handle.
Ashley Reese
I met my ex in my happy place...
Another thing that really helps is meeting new people! And really using this time to love yourself :-)
Really enjoyed reading this. Thank you ❤️
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