8 Valentine's Day Tips for Singles ...


8 Valentine's Day Tips for Singles ...
8 Valentine's Day Tips for Singles ...

Being single on V-Day is one of the worst things – unless you know some Valentine's Day tips for singles that are actually worth reading. I know that a lot of Valentine's Day tips for singles are pretty generic or don't really cater to the single folks! If you are single this V-Day, don't worry, I've got some great tips for you to enjoy your holiday and make it fun, no matter what!

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Make It a Girls' Night

Have a bunch of single ladies? That's awesome, why not make it a girls' night? This is one of those Valentine's Day tips for singles that can really be fun and can even become a tradition for you and your single girlfriends. Pick a bar, a night club or even just head out of your home to drive around! Planning a night in with your favorite flicks, snacks and cocktails is a great idea too!


Have an anti-V-Day Party

If you have a bunch of friends that are single, both guys and girls, why not get them all together and have an anti-Valentine's Day party? It's actually really fun, girls! It's one of those parties that is specifically for people that aren't attached to anyone. So decorate with X'd out hearts and party on!


Family Time

Another great alternative to doing something typical or romance-related on V-Day is to use it as a time to spend time with your family. Family time is always important, but it's hard to actually find the time to visit your family. So why not do it on a day that is all about love?


Attitude Counts

Your attitude is definitely a big portion of how you take Valentine's Day and how you act. If you are positive that you are going to have a great time on V-Day? Then you will! If you are down in the dumps about Valentine's Day? You'll have a bad time. Attitude counts!


Take Time for Yourself

Who knows, maybe you don't want to do anything on this particular day and you just want to take some time for yourself. That's okay too! You can get a facial, get your nails done and really pamper yourself. That way, when February 15th rolls around, you look beautiful!


Create Your Own Reasons to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Maybe you can create some of your own traditions. Maybe you can go hiking or skiing every single February 14th, maybe you can create some traditions so that, when you do find someone, they can join in. Don't let one day rule your life, girls!


Share the Love with Your Work

What about your office? Take it to the extreme and bring in some fantastic baked goods or even just make your lunch a little festive! This is a great time to spread the love and good fortune at the office. Your work friends will appreciate it!


Focus on Yourself

Finally, focus on yourself. Really think about yourself and find yourself. I know that I have jumped from relationship to relationship a couple times and never really found myself – until now. Focusing on yourself is so important, especially during a time when it's all about love!

So, do you still hate Valentine's Day? Don't. It's just a day, a day dedicated to love. It's all about the attitude, girls. So, what other Valentine's Day for tips for singles do you have?

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