Voice Exercises for People Who Want to Have a Sexier Sounding Voice ...


Voice Exercises for People Who Want to Have a Sexier Sounding Voice ...
Voice Exercises for People Who Want to Have a Sexier Sounding Voice ...

When you listen to your voice on a home video or on an answering machine message, it's normal to cringe. Most of us hate the sound of our own voice. We just don't realize it, because we don't hear it all that often. Even though you should embrace who you are, there are always ways for you to feel more confident with yourself. If you think that changing your voice will give you a boost in confidence, here are a few voice exercises for a sexier voice:

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Use a Tape Recorder

The best way to alter your voice is by figuring out what you don't like about it. Start by using your phone's voice recorder to tape yourself reading from a book. When you listen back to the recording, try to pinpoint the words that you think you pronounce oddly or the inflections in your voice you dislike. Then you can start to alter those little things.


Speak Slowly

Grab the book you were just using for the last exercise and reread the paragraph you chose. However, this time, you should try to speak as slowly as you can while still sounding casual. Most of us fall into the habit of speaking so quickly that others have trouble understanding us. That's why you should learn to slow down your speaking pace.


Talk to Yourself

One of the things that can make you sound less sexy is using "umm" and "like" too often. That's why you should record your voice again, but this time, you shouldn't read from a book. You should just talk about your day or your favorite movie. Challenge yourself to speak for at least two minutes straight without using any filler words. If you can't think of what to say next, pause instead of saying "umm." After all, silence is golden.


Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a technique you can use to relax, but it's also a technique you can use to make your voice sound sexier. All you have to do is breathe smoothly and deeply. The more air you breathe in and out, the more projection and resonance your voice will have.



Grab that tape recorder again and read from a passage of a book while your shoulders are slouched. Then, read it again while you're sitting up straight in your seat. When you have good posture, you should notice a slight change in your voice. That's why you should always keep your back up straight.


Higher Pitch

This one is the trickiest to master. Studies say that men prefer higher voices while women prefer lower voices. That's why you should try speaking in a slightly higher pitch than normal. You don't want to strain your voice. Just see what it feels like to talk with a different tone.



Now that you've become comfortable with your normal speaking voice, you should practice whispering. If you want to sound sexy, then whispering into your man's ear is the best way to do it. In order to practice, you can repeat all of the exercises above, except do them while whispering.

You should be happy with your voice just the way it is. However, if you're super self-conscious about it, then there's nothing wrong with doing voice exercises in order to feel more confident, just like women wear makeup to feel more confident. Do you like the sound of your voice or are you going to try these exercises?

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All the work just to impress men ??? Hell no Im ok with my natural voice if he likes me good if not its his loss!

@Splashhhh very true. There is nothing sexier than someone who is comfortable with themselves as they are.

I talk to myself all the time lol

A sexy voice can mean the world😘💕💕

My voice is fine

Amma try it

I'm very happy with my voice. I have been told before that my voice is absolutely adorable and I don't mind that at all. Being sexy is all about being comfortable with who you are.

Any guy that doesn't like my voice need only hear two words: Get Lost😝

Thanks a lot i was looking for such a thing

If you're comfortable with your voice why comment on this article? This is for women who wants to try it out.

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