Intriguing 😎 Quotes on Love πŸ’– from Our Favorite Celebs 🌟 ...


Do you and your favorite celeb share the same ideas about love and romance? There's only one way to find out! Let's check out these quotes about love spoken (or written) by our favorite celebs.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Ellen Page


Sapna Pathak
Great article
Chloe Bunny
I have same feeling with Taylor ,cuz fall in love just broke heart
Omg, Taylor Swift's quotes are so dumb...
I love the quote from Tim Hiddlestone. It says it all. Women should be respected more and loved. I also love Marlyn Monroes quote. Who needs somebody that doesn't love you
On the flip side, I believe if you truly love your S.O. Then even if a sexy person flirts with you, you wouldn't even consider ruining the good thing you already have going.
I agree with what Johnny Depp says, you can't love two people equally at the same time and if you feel yourself drawn to two people at once you should choose the 2nd because when your eyes wander other parts of you follow.
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