5. Emotional Blackmail


Is your boyfriend constantly blaming you for things that go wrong in his life? Does he constantly say that it is your fault that he doesn't have a job or any direction? This is a sign that he is using you girls, and you shouldn't stand for it!

He Never Buys You Anything


can some plz help i no whats need to do for me n my kids but its doing it plz hlep
Robert Garbett
Women are the worst culprits of all that's in this I've had a few and been too stupid I used to makes a lot money and have nothing to show for it because I was paying for someone else's way it's actua...
Hii everyone! There's that guy that i like and he does too, but every time we talk on the phone(text messages) there's nothing to talk about and i'd like to become much close to him but i dont know how, any tips/advices please?
@Summer why don't you try to talk to him about this? Like at night he will be available i guess, text him and say "hey, how are you?" then ask him why did he changed? What went wrong? Don't be shy tak...
Daniela Perez
I agree with what I just read but what if he wasn't like that. What if he did the opposite from it but still hurt you! He was nice, he listen to me when I was sad, he will always spend money on me and...
Can anyone please help me?
I've been dating this person for nearly 2 months now He lives up the road from me&we go to the same collage. He asked me to meet up with,so I did, we became close since then.we got off off and the...
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