6. He Never Buys You Anything


Do you constantly buy him things, but he's never, ever gotten you something back? Does he ever buy you anything? That's a sign ladies. After all, shouldn't your boyfriend buy you some things sometimes?

He Doesn't Need You for Anything but Things That He Needs


terry dinya
...ate his wallet.
terry dinya
Heather Jensen are his wallet.
Heather Jensen
Hi Dan! You'd be surprised just what type of relationships we get ourselves into. :) Thanks for the comment!
WTF kind of relationships are women in they feel the need to write this article for??!'
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Devi Gonzales
@Heather Jensen, I agree with u...
Heather Jensen
Hi Les! That isn't exactly what the article is saying, I'm all for sticking by your partner when they are down, but a lot of guys will take advantage of a girl that is sticking by her man, these are just tips to spot those guys. :)
So if you learn to know a man, who sits in a hard situation with his life, and can not focus totally he is a what? Because by the means of this articel, he is a bum, a loser,a no life, not carring and...
Heather Jensen
Thanks so much Cyn! Thank you for reading!
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