7. He Doesn't Need You for Anything but Things That He Needs

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Does your boyfriend not take into account your needs? Maybe it'd be nice once in a while for him to pick you up, instead of you constantly picking him up. Does he not take any of your needs into account when he makes decisions? It's a sign girls!

He Never Takes Your Feelings into Consideration


@Fai P Wong, And you want an equal relationship? Go dutch.
My husband only wants to have sex and then go play his video game, which he does every night for hours until like 6 am in the morning
Chloe Dwayne
I and my boyfriend were meant to be forever but he met another girl at his work place. She did everything to break us apart B'cos she was younger and attractive, and finally my boyfriend moved in with...
Hi @Daniela Perez, I think I can say that at one time or another we have all fell victim to this treatment from a man. Men go through this too but what you can't allow to happen is distrusting everyon...
If he's "homeless" leave him where you found him because chances are he's only with you because he has nowhere to go. I know this sounds quite harsh but there are people who survive by using others. T...
@LoveKitty17, if he homes then he would be either using u for money or he would have no choice but to let you pay.. I referring this to a homeless man who has never been arrested in the US.
but what if he is homeless?
geleen abiera
ive been a victim of this too yet i still love him please help me to get over of this i was so stupid
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