8. He Never Takes Your Feelings into Consideration

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Does your boyfriend take any of your feelings into account? Does he even think about how his actions affect you? This could be a sign he is using you ladies!

He Only Comes Home at Night


Savannah LaFave
I have a guy that I really like and we've been "together" for 4 days now so far. But yesterday, and today, he sees me yet NEVER goes to walk with me, hugs me, anything. Now he hardly replies to me. I ...
peony blue
He is more of a loser!
Luis Duarte
Wow, this article could also be applied to women. Thanks!
Regain self control and stop sending messages. The standard rule is two or three at the most. After that you might appear annoying or be called a crazy stalker. ignoring someone intentionally spells disaster this early on in a relationship. Let him go.
@Fai P Wong, And you want an equal relationship? Go dutch.
My husband only wants to have sex and then go play his video game, which he does every night for hours until like 6 am in the morning
Chloe Dwayne
I and my boyfriend were meant to be forever but he met another girl at his work place. She did everything to break us apart B'cos she was younger and attractive, and finally my boyfriend moved in with...
Hi @Daniela Perez, I think I can say that at one time or another we have all fell victim to this treatment from a man. Men go through this too but what you can't allow to happen is distrusting everyon...
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