9. He Only Comes Home at Night

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Once you see a pattern that your partner comes home late at night, it is a sure red flag in your relationship. Although it is typical for some men to come back late after a night with friends, usually this as a frequent and cyclical pattern can only mean that he wants you for one thing only. And that doesn't include anything along the lines of emotional bonding.

He Never Takes You out in Public


Judes Viskoe-King
Was this article written for a 15 year old? It's like a pop-up book of generalizations.
Sounds like marriage from a males point of view!
Heather Jensen
Hi Terry! What was that? You -- ate his wallet?
Heather Jensen
Hi Thatcher! I do definitely agree that if you reverse the article, it sounds like a common relationship, but truthfully, I do think that everything should be split at least 50/50 most of the time --...
Thatcher's Iron Stiletto
Reverse the sexes in your article a sec and read it back. Sounds a lot more common relationship than the way you have it. Also what is wrong with a relationship where one partner is financially depend...
terry dinya
...ate his wallet.
terry dinya
Heather Jensen are his wallet.
Heather Jensen
Hi Dan! You'd be surprised just what type of relationships we get ourselves into. :) Thanks for the comment!
WTF kind of relationships are women in they feel the need to write this article for??!'
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