Warning Signs 🚨 You're Not 🚫 as into Your New Relationship πŸ’ as You Once Thought πŸ’­ ...


The idea is that you get into a relationship because you like or love the person you're with and you want to be in one. That's not true for everybody, though. Sometimes, people end up in relationships just because they don't want to be alone. Sometimes, they force themselves into one even though it's not right. Sometimes, things seem really great at first, but then they start to realize that they're not really happy at all. The point is, there are lots of reasons why someone might discover that they don't dig their new relationship. These are some of the biggest warning signs.

1. Not Only do You Never Have Anything to Talk about

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Not one single thing – in fact, some days you'd be happy if you never had to talk to you partner again.

But You Don't Really Want to Talk to Your Partner Either


Regina Rose
In which case, I would simply overconfidently look at him with BIG eyes & say something flirty again. It will at least plant the seed in his brain that you can be fun. And guys like fun!
Regina Rose
Tell him you meant it if you meant it, and if so... Call him up & say you think you two should go out & would make beautiful babies together ( basically be forward & flirt with him if you like him). ...
Sammi Anderson
Summer and we haven't talked since. Can someone help me?πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Sammi Anderson
I had to call him handsome for a school play. I asked him if he thought I meant it he just looked at the ground. Then I had to call him 'my master' everyone you know got the wrong idea. Oh and everyda...
Sammi Anderson
So he used to wink at me smile find ways to touch my hand ect. Everyone found out I had a crush on him. He started ignoring me. A month later I asked him why he was. He argued with me he wasn't it tur...
Sammi Anderson
Can anyone help me with my relationship?1
Katips Tipono
I'm doomed! Please show me the way Lord
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