2. Lack of Trust

Do you find that in your relationship, you don't trust your man to go out by himself? Do you read through her emails? This is not a good relationship, girls and guys, this is actually one sign of an unhealthy relationship. You should be able to trust every single bit of your partner and should be able to trust them not to cheat.

Constant Insults


Ruthe Thomas
@Gaby, He's using a guilt tactic. Trying to make you feel sorry for him for being "insecure". The longer you stay in that relationship the more you'll notice he'll break out in tears if he wants you t...
Ruthe Thomas
@Story, He's crazy. Everyone has a right to privacy. No matter if you're in a relationship.
Ruthe Thomas
Our fights are crazy, and they haven't gotten better even after 3 years. I don't want to leave him because he says that when he sees his future I'm in it and how he imagines having a little girl that ...
Is it necessary for your significant other to want to know every secret of every person you talk to? He wants me to tell him everything I talk to my friends about, what their secrets are, what they wa...
@Jackie same here with my husband.. He always do that to me..
mine controls every person i talk to and controls my post on instagram n facebook so that i dont talk to any other guys, but then he crys saying sorry and that he is insecure. its really irritating an...
We fight everyday and he is constantly calling me a slut and whore and dirty b***** he always constantly accuses me of cheating and I'm not doing anything ever..
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