3. Constant Insults

Does your relationship consist of constant sniping? Do you feel like you always have to be on the defense? Well girls, that is one of the top signs of an unhealthy relationship. Your boyfriend should make you feel amazing, he shouldn't constantly be putting you down. That could actually be a sign that you're in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Fighting Everyday


I always feel happy whenever he's around @Heather Jensen,
Heather Jensen
Hi Sarah! I think you really need to think about how this relationship is affecting you. Are you happy most of the time with him? Do you feel like he makes you happy? Those are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.
Heather Jensen
Hi Melody! To be honest, if you can't trust your partner, why are you with him? That isn't going to be a healthy relationship. :(
And whenever I ask him if he wants to break up or leave me and take a break. He refuses and says that he loves me so much.
@Heather, we've been together for two years now, he made me meet all his family. And he told them iam his fiancee and every single person in his family knows we're getting married. He was super awesom...
Melody Parker
the 2nd one is a big thing for me :/ I want to trust him more, but I find it difficult when I find out things he's kept from me, and stuff he's done in the past stays with me. Should I forgive, forget...
Heather Jensen
Hi Cindy! I am so, so sorry. I know that it's hard, but being in an unhealthy relationship is not healthy at all for your mental or physical health. I would get out as soon as possible and find som...
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