4. Fighting Everyday

Another sign of an unhealthy relationship that a lot of people overlook is constant fighting. Now, every relationship has its bumps, especially if you two are living together, but if you're always fighting with him over the smallest things and you are frequently being picked at by him, that might not be a good relationship to be in. Remember, the good times should outweigh the bad times, not the other way around.

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Cindy Pham
@Rachel Reid, My ex bf did all of these. I got mad bc these made me unhappy. Instead taking ang communication about these he won't change. After three years of living together, he broke up with me. ...
Cindy Pham
I knew that my relationship is not heathy. That why it broken. I try to fix him or hope he would change. But it got uglier, untill we both can't accept each other faces .we fight from small thing t...
Heather Jensen
That absolutely is -- I'm so sorry. If she doesn't feel the same feelings that you do, why be in a relationship?
She can't reciprocate my feelings for her, is it a sign of unhealthy relationship? And she confidently stated that she don't know why she can't reciprocate my attitudes towards her.
Haley Elkins
8 Warning Signs You're in An Unhealthy Relationship ... (via Twitter)
Heather Jensen
I think that might be a good option Aria, it's hard to listen to each other when you are closing yourself off.
Aria Vares
I do the no communication thing and it drives him crazy when i cant even acknowledge the words he says. We both want to work things out together. So i went and see outside help.
Heather Jensen
I think that we all do, but do you do them on a constant basis?
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