7 Ways for College Students to Find a Boyfriend on Campus ...


Although your studies are your top priority, there are tons of ways for college students to find a boyfriend. You have an entire campus filled with potential mates. Once you get to know some of them, you’ll figure out which one is the one for you. If you’re struggling to get a date, here are ways for college students to find a boyfriend:

1. Join a Club

Joining a club has multiple benefits. You’ll get to have fun doing something you enjoy, you’ll gain more school spirit, and you’ll get to know others with similar interests. Every guy that you come across will have at least one thing in common with you, which is whatever that club specializes in. One of the easiest ways for college students to find a boyfriend is to sign up for activities and events that they love.

Leave Your Dorm


Amina Abdul
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This is all true! I'm so glad I've found these tips. My relationship is struggling and I have a hard time protecting my feelings. Great reminder! 😔😏😊
I really should do #2 more!
Kierra Duhart
I love these ideas!!! 😉😁
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