Perfect Ways for the Shy Girl to Get a Guy's Attention ...


Perfect Ways for the Shy Girl to Get a Guy's Attention ...
Perfect Ways for the Shy Girl to Get a Guy's Attention ...

Are you looking for some ways for shy girls to get guys to notice them? If you are somebody who is naturally shy, the world of dating can be an extremely daunting one. You want to put yourself out there to explore the potential of finding a new partner, but at the same time, your anxieties about being in the spotlight and exposed in front of virtual strangers are preventing you from living your dating life to the fullest. Just because you are more introverted than extroverted, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to find a romantic connection with someone, right? Don’t be disheartened by your natural personality. There are definitely things you can do to have more dating success. Here are some ways for shy girls to get guys to notice the.

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Inner Confidence

human hair color, blond, girl, socialite, long hair, One of the easiest ways for shy girls to get guys to notice them is to flaunt your confidence. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be confident, there is a way to harness your inner confidence whilst still remaining faithful to your shy nature. Honouring your own boundaries and having courage in your conviction, even if your own conviction is not as wild as other girls, will attract the attention of a guy who is looking for someone more demure. Not all men want a party girl.


Dress to Impress

drag queen, performing arts, product, hair coloring, fun, Just because your personality is naturally shy, it doesn’t mean you have to dress in a bland fashion. You can add a lot of character to your first impression by getting dressed up to the nines for a night out.


Be Optimistic

glasses, eyewear, vision care, chin, organ, If you are too shy, you tend to come across as guarded or pessimistic when meeting strangers, but instead, you should try to be as optimistic as possible. Don’t shy away from questions. Do your best to answer them and it might lead to a real connection being sparked.


Be Charming

girl, long hair, brown hair, professional, Shy people don’t want to be the centre of attention, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shine when the situation calls for it. You might not put yourself in the firing line on purpose, but if a guy invites you to start a conversation, you can create a personal bubble that allows you to show your charm.


Unique Accessories

jewellery, headpiece, hair accessory, photograph, woman, Try to wear accessories that are going to get you noticed without you having to be a loud or extroverted presence in a room. Little things like this can lead to guys coming up to you rather than you having to do the approaching.


Grow Your Hair out

photograph, black and white, beauty, monochrome photography, shoulder, One of the best ways to attract the attention of guys without having to do a big song and dance is to let your hair grow long and luscious. Men can’t seem to be able to resist long, beautiful locks, and it opens you up to lots of different styling options.



footwear, white, photograph, black, black and white, They aren’t for everyone, but if you can manage them, a killer pair of heels are amazing, both for attracting guys and for boosting your own self-confidence. It’s pretty remarkable what those extra 4 or 5 inches can do for your attitude!


Share Hobbies

darkness, Being shy doesn’t have to mean being boring. Take pride in sharing info about your favourite hobbies and what you like to do. It might not be crazy things like skydiving, but if you are truly passionate about something, your face will glow when talking about it.


Be Yourself!

beauty, lady, girl, black hair, socialite, Most importantly, remember to stay yourself when trying out all of these tips. There is no point trying to be somebody else to get a guy because they will be falling for a person that really isn’t you. In order to get a partner that loves you for you, you need to show them the truth!

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