17 Ways Your Man Should Respect You in the Bedroom ...


17 Ways Your Man Should Respect You in the Bedroom ...
17 Ways Your Man Should Respect You in the Bedroom ...

You shouldn't have sex with someone, unless you're completely comfortable with them. If he makes you feel uneasy in any way, then you should keep your clothes on around him, whether he's your boyfriend or not. After all, you deserve to be treated right. Here are a few ways that he should be respectful in the bedroom:

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Lets You Set the Pace

Lets You Set the Pace He shouldn't push you to move faster than you want to move. If you want to make-out for months before taking the next step, then he should respect that.


Your pace is paramount and it's crucial that it's honored in every intimate encounter. If you're not ready to take things to the next level, a respectful partner will understand without pressuring you. It's about comfort and consent, ensuring that all acts, regardless of their nature, are wholly consensual. Remember, a good partner is patient and prioritizes your needs, acknowledging that the path you choose to take together should be paved with mutual respect and understanding.


Wears a Condom

Wears a Condom There's no excuse for refusing to wear a condom. It doesn't matter if he thinks sex feels better without it, or if he swears that he's clean. No matter what, he should wear a condom to keep you safe from STDs and pregnancies.


Respecting your boundaries about safe sex is a fundamental way your partner shows that he values your well-being. If he truly cares, he wouldn't dream of pressuring you to go without protection. A considerate man understands that consent is not just about saying "yes" to sex, but also agreeing on the conditions under which it happens. Plus, using a condom is a sign of maturity and shows that he takes responsibility for both your and his sexual health seriously. Always stand firm on this—it's your body, your rules.


Gets Tested for STDs

Gets Tested for STDs If you ask him to get tested, then he should get tested. There's nothing wrong with wanting proof that the person you're sleeping with is free from diseases.


It's all about ensuring mutual safety and trust. A respectful partner won't hesitate or take offense because your health and peace of mind are paramount. By prioritizing STD testing, you're both taking a responsible step towards a healthy relationship. Remember, respect is a two-way street; you should be prepared to do the same. Regular checkups can become a normal part of your routine, reinforcing the bond you share and keeping both of you secure in your intimacy.


Waits for You to Consent

Waits for You to Consent He doesn't automatically have permission to sleep with you, just because you're his girlfriend or because your clothes are off or because you got him hard. He needs to wait for you to consent to sex before he initiates it.


A true gentleman understands that enthusiastic consent is sexy and imperative. It's a two-way street, where your desires and limits are clearly communicated and honored. If you're not in the mood, or if you're feeling hesitant, he'll respect your feelings without any pressure or guilt-tripping. Remember, intimacy is about shared pleasure and connection, not a one-sided pursuit. He'll cherish the moments you eagerly say yes, knowing that your mutual consent makes the experience infinitely more enjoyable for both of you.


Respects Your Boundaries

Respects Your Boundaries He should respect your boundaries, even if he doesn't agree with them. It's the least that he can do if he actually cares about you.


Refuses to Guilt You

Refuses to Guilt You He shouldn't guilt you into sleeping with him by saying that all of his friends are doing it, or that he deserves to get laid, since he treats you so well.


Talks to You about It Ahead of Time

Talks to You about It Ahead of Time If he's smart, he'll talk to you about sex before you two actually have sex. That's the only way he'll learn what you are and aren't comfortable with.


A considerate partner understands that consent and comfort are crucial. Sex isn't just an act; it's a shared experience that should be enjoyed equally by both. By initiating a mature, open conversation, he's not only showing you respect but also creating a space of trust and openness. Such discussions can cover boundaries, desires, and even contraception options, ensuring that when the moment arrives, you're both on the same page and can fully enjoy the intimacy without any hesitations or doubts.


Has a Safe Word

Has a Safe Word You should have a safe word to use during sex--and if you ever use it, he should stop immediately.


A safe word is crucial for ensuring that both partners feel secure and can freely express their discomfort or desire to halt an activity. It's a sign of deep respect when your man immediately responds to the safe word, recognizing your boundaries without question. Establishing a safe word prior to engaging in any sexual activity is not only wise but also strengthens the trust and communication between you both. Remember, a loving partner recognizes the importance of mutual consent and the ability to speak up at any time without fear of judgment.


Tells You His Intentions

Tells You His Intentions From the start, he should tell you if he wants a relationship or if he's only interested in sex. It'll save you from confusion.


Communication is key in any relationship, and that includes being clear about intentions in the bedroom. A man who respects you will be upfront about what he's looking for, whether it's a committed relationship with deep emotional connections or a more casual physical arrangement. By being honest, he shows respect for your feelings and allows you to make informed decisions. It's a sign of maturity and integrity when a man doesn't leave you guessing about his motives, ensuring that there's mutual understanding and respect from the get-go.


Won’t Tell His Friends about His Sex Life

Won’t Tell His Friends about His Sex Life He shouldn't brag to his friends about all of the things you did with him. He should keep his private life private.


It's essential for a healthy relationship that your intimacy remains just that — intimate. A man who values and respects you understands that certain details are meant for the two of you alone, and shouldn't be shared as locker room banter. It's a matter of trust and respect, ensuring that you feel safe and honored, not like a conquest to be announced. Maintaining this boundary is a sign he cherishes your connection and sees you as much more than a mere experience.


Won’t Make You do All the Work

Won’t Make You do All the Work You shouldn't be the one on top of him, doing all of the work during sex. He should put in as much effort as you do.


A healthy sexual relationship is about give and take, and this applies to the energy expended in the bedroom as well. Being with a partner who is willing to share the workload means that you can both enjoy the experience without feeling like one person is doing all the heavy lifting. It’s about mutual pleasure and effort, ensuring that every encounter leaves both partners feeling satisfied and valued. If he’s considerate and mindful of this balance, it’s a sign that he truly respects you and your needs.


Won’t Be the Only One Who Orgasms

Won’t Be the Only One Who Orgasms Yes, it's a little harder for women to orgasm, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to finish. You should orgasm as often as he does.


It's vital to communicate your needs and desires clearly. A partner who values your satisfaction will actively listen and take steps to ensure that the journey to climax is a shared experience. Don’t hesitate to guide him to what pleases you, whether it’s a certain touch or a specific pace. Equality in the bedroom means mutual respect and attention to both partners' needs. Remember, a considerate lover is a keeper, and your pleasure is just as important as his. Open and honest dialogue can lead to a more fulfilling intimate connection.


Doesn’t Say Anything Negative about Your Body

Doesn’t Say Anything Negative about Your Body He shouldn't say anything mean about the way that you look. After all, he's lucky he's getting to see your body at all.


Respecting your body also means embracing all it offers, from its natural curves to its unique marks. If he's the right one, he should be celebrating every inch of you, encouraging your sense of self-love rather than picking at insecurities. Remember, intimacy is more than skin-deep – it’s about the beautiful connection between two people who accept each other wholly and lovingly. So, if he’s appreciating your physique with nothing but positivity, that’s a definite sign of deep respect and care.


Won’t Call You Mean Names

Won’t Call You Mean Names Some men can get carried away in the heat of the moment. However, he shouldn't call you a "dirty slut," and assume that you'll take it as a compliment.


Communicating during intimate moments is one thing, but there is a clear line that separates dirty talk from degrading language. A true partner recognizes the difference and knows that respect is paramount. Even if you're both exploring boundaries, consent and mutual understanding are essential. If you express discomfort with certain words or phrases, he should take it seriously and adjust his language accordingly. Love and physical connection should leave you feeling empowered and cherished, never insulted or belittled. Remember, you are always entitled to set the tone for what's acceptable in your relationship.


Listens when You Say No

Listens when You Say No He should know that "no" means "no." It's not a hard concept to understand.


Understanding and respecting boundaries is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. If you express discomfort or disinterest in a particular act, your wish should be met with immediate respect and understanding, without question or persuasion. It's the very fabric of consent, and your man should prioritize your comfort and consent above all else. A partner who values your voice and boundaries is one who fosters trust and safety in the most intimate settings. Remember, a respectful partner will honor your choices and will not attempt to blur the lines of your consent.


Stops when It Hurts

Stops when It Hurts If you're in pain at any point during sex, he should stop what he's doing. If he loves you, he won't want to hurt you.


Communication is key – always convey how you're feeling. A caring partner will be attentive to your comfort levels and will check in with you to ensure everything feels good. If something doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to speak up. Your physical and emotional well-being is paramount, and intimacy should always be a mutually pleasurable experience. Pain can be a signal that something isn't right, and glossing over it can lead to bigger problems down the line. Remember, a loving partner prioritizes your safety and satisfaction above all.


Makes You Feel Beautiful

black, white, black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, If you're having sex with the right person, it'll make you feel beautiful. If you're overly self-conscious, then you're probably with the wrong guy.

Don't accept anything less than respect inside and outside of the bedroom. Is your boyfriend respectful in the bedroom?

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Haha, when my husband and I have really mind-blowing sex, I totally brag about it to my friends. He does the same thing. I'm just happy we have something worth boasting about. ;)

Another important, informative post! =) @Jennapher: I agree with you. I have always felt it would be a good idea if schools promoted sex education more. You have so many young adults whose parents do not talk with them about things like this, and it is so important.

Another novel concept, Courtney: parents actually teach sex ed in the home, establish a trusting relationship with their children, and children respect their parents! Adults need to act like adults and assume the responsibility of teaching their children basic values.

No respect = no relationship

Experienced the exact opposite of all of these

There were very wonderful and valid points made here! Nice.

Holly, perhaps you could propose this as an overall syllabus for sex education in American schools! So simple, so basic, and think of all the unhappiness that could be avoided if adolescent kids just learned these boundaries to start with. But, of course, the country would have acknowledge that in fact people do have sex....I mean, we do, right..I think

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