7 Ways He'll Brag about You to His Friends ...


Your boyfriend is crazy about you, which is why there are different ways he'll brag about you to his friends. He might not sit them down and point out all of your amazing qualities, but he'll tell them in his own way how awesome you are. Even though you aren't around to hear him say the compliments doesn't mean that they're not special. Here are a few different ways he'll brag about you to his friends and family:

1. He'll Show Them Pictures

Men are visual creatures, which means he'll want to show his friends just how hot you are. Even if they've seen you in person, he'll show off all of the cute (appropriate) Snapchats that you've sent him. It's just one of the many ways he'll brag about you. He won't even need to say anything, because the picture will speak for itself.

He'll Compare You


geezzz, my BF's doing all. love him to the moon and back
I do brag about him in obvious cute ways, he doesn't need to know but I know he feels the same about me 💕
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