4. Jealousy

There is typically a lot of jealousy in a lesbian relationship – but again, it depends on the relationship and the people that you are with.

The jealousy is different though – if a girl looks better than her girlfriend, it could be some resentment or even some jealousy over the fact that she looks really good. Girls have a natural competitive side to them, so that can come out negatively in this type of relationship. Then again, a girl might be proud of her stunner and feel jealous because so many people are checking her out. It all depends!



Janet Kline
I need some advice on navigating the world of lesbians. I consider myself bi, even though I have been married twice (& currently still am). I feel that it is time to explore my interest in women, but ...
I'm in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend and it's hard at times. But we talk everyday, love each other very much and trust each other. Honestly, if you work hard in the relationship and ...
Magallanes Queenie Casanillo
Im in a 1yr.& 6m same sex relationship too....honestly im a les. And i agree on this...
Magallanes Queenie Casanillo
there's no wrong being in a same sex relationship....The importance in relationship is Your love, understanding and respect...
It is tough enough to find a lesbian partner, so once you have her, do not let her go. For those looking for a girl partner, they can try this free lesbian dating site http://www.meetoutside.com , so all the best.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being a lesbian I thinks it great that you really care about someone
I like to be with women more then men I don't like the macho crap guys show I really like the soft tender of the female
Sex is not an issue as long as you love each other that matters alot
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