7 Ways Life is Better when You Are Single ...

There are many ways life is better when you are single. Unfortunately, when you are sans a life partner, seeing them is a bit challenging! Both worlds certainly rock, but then there are times of the year when reflecting on the ways life is better when you are single makes day-to-day living much easier.

1. No Compromising

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Want to eat Chinese? Then you can eat Chinese. You don't have to worry about whether your partner wants Indian, pizza, sushi...you just go ahead and eat Chinese. Out of all the ways life is better when you are single, this is the best. It means you don't have to argue with anybody, except for yourself.

2. No Awkward Social Situations

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We've all been there: our other half LOVES his or her friends, but you'd rather hang out in a Gulag than with them. When you are single, you don't have to smile at people you don't like. Instead, you can just love your own friends. This extends to going to family occasions. Say goodbye to the nausea that comes with listening to your other half's parents trying to row quietly...

3. A Complete Lack of Questions

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Single people dread various questions. But then, so do those of us who are in relationships. Such questions can include, 'When are you getting married?', 'When will you propose?', and (dear God) 'When are you having children?' As a single person, you will face 'Is there anybody on the scene?' But trust me, you can pretty much end it there if you are blunt enough about how awesome being single is.

4. A Little Less Effort

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For the ladies, this may mean not shaving your legs. Sorry guys, we really do relax a little when we love being single. For the guys, this can mean really unsexy underwear. That works well for us females too. The effort you make in a relationship is fun at the beginning when you are keen to impress, but being single means you avoid that point we all reach when we realize we'd just like to be gross for once.

5. You Get to Flirt Guilt Free

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Let's be honest, most of us love a good flirt. It boosts your ego and makes you feel happy. When you have another half, you might feel guilty, even if nothing will ever go beyond flirting. As a single person, you can flirt guilt free. Highs hardly get much better than that.

6. Your Time is Yours

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Okay, so this ties in with effort a little, but in a different way. Your time is your own when you are single. You can spend more time in bed, visit museums, go to the beach...all without consulting anybody. This also means you do not have to do anything you don't want. The word compromise doesn't even need to be in your vocabulary.

7. No Arguments

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We love the people we love, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to argue with them. Love sometimes leads to a little jealousy and frustration. We can control it most of the time. Some of the time, however, we might just explode. No partner = reduced argument time = better blood pressure. Yay.

Don't get me wrong, there are definite perks to being in a relationship. But knowing how great life is when you are single certainly makes weddings, Valentine's Day, Xmas and other occasions better. So if you are alone, try and smile about it. If you are a single person, how do you think life is better?

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