2. Dressing Well

Even if your first date with someone is casual (e.g. a movie, local restaurant, a quick drink), men should try to make a good impression by dressing well. By dressing well, I don't mean that he should show up in a suit and tie; however, your date's appearance can say a lot about him! Looks aren't everything, but this is definitely something to pay attention to. Clean, wrinkle-free clothes and combed hair can show you that your date is responsible when it comes to taking care of himself.

Doors, Doors, Doors


@Izabella nah they exist in real life too
It's sounds like a type of movie
Stephanie Ann
Awe I remember all this, 5 years later not so much lol
Angie Bbf
Ooo i hate it if they order the food for me. Igh! Like I can speak for myself.
Kaitlyn Sutherland
I'm almost more comfortable with my date not opening my car door, or pulling my chair in and out. I'm and independent person and there are different things gentlemen will do! Biggest first impression for me: good grammar. Oh and how good he smells. 😍
Making me laugh and feel comfortable 😋😘
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