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7 Ways That Technology is Changing Love ...

By Brett

With technology taking over our lives completely, we can't deny the effects it has on our romantic lives. Wondering what these effects are? Let guest contributor Brett be your guide!

Technology is having a serious influence on the way that dating and romance work. But how exactly has it changed the way we ‘woo’ each other? Here are the top seven ways in which the way we love and express our feelings has changed due to the coming of the digital age.

Table of contents:

  1. Love or lust – how it starts
  2. Experience vs. experimental
  3. Romance is dead!
  4. Find others faster
  5. Writers wanted!
  6. The importance of genetics
  7. Communication and colloquial language

1 Love or Lust – How It Starts

With technology came the development of computers, laptops and the Internet; in turn this brought about online dating and long-distance relationships. But why exactly do we use these online dating sites? Are we looking to invest our heart or are we just investing a little time until we acquire what we want?

Studies suggest that those who actively search for a potential partner through the use of speed dating, online dating or other forms of technology are making a serious intent to find their ‘other half’. Did you know that on average 17% of 7,000 recently married couples will have met online? This goes to show that not all of the men you meet online will be looking for love, but the majority of them are.

2 Experience Vs. Experimental

Technology has provided a plethora of communication channels to replace meeting in person, such as text, e-mail, over the phone, Skype and Facetime.

With less people meeting up to get to know each other, we are beginning to trade experience with others for experimental approaches; for instance we can learn everything about a potential date before deciding to meet up with them – this can sometimes take the joy out of dating and leave both parties feeling empty as if all the excitement of the first date has already happened.

3 Romance is Dead!

Well – it isn’t - but it could feel like it is to some. The digital age has replaced most forms of written text, and with it the practice of writing love letters for those we are attached to. But do not fear! It’s not that we don’t send each other ‘love letters’- it’s just that they have been transformed into lengthy e-mails, texts and phone calls. This is one of the ways in which technology is changing the way in which love is perceived.

4 Find Others Faster

Finding each other has never been faster with the use of technology. Instead of hanging about your local bar until you’ve worked up enough courage to ask out that guy in the corner, you can now browse the Internet and scroll through extensive lists of local singles via GPS and pick and choose as you please. The Internet and the devices we access it with can be incredibly efficient when they are utilised properly.

5 Writers Wanted!

Almost every single person has some sort of online presence – and one of the first things we see when viewing another’s profile, page or site is the writing.

In a world where everyone is online and uses technology to contact one another, writing is an essential skill; due to this it tends to be those that can write well or have someone write well for them that find the most matches and attract the most dates or partners.

Communication skills come second to none other than photography and our love of images and enhancing them.

6 The Importance of Genetics

With technology comes the ability to select a partner purely by their profile photo or a few pictures – due to this genetics are frequently being placed on the backseat as looks and popularity take the stage. The insignificance of genetics is mainly being caused by applications that we use on our phones that allow us to play a dating version of ‘hot or not?’.

An example of this type of application includes ‘Tinder’ which allows you to reject a photo that you don’t like or press a green heart button on those that you do – the interface is simple and effective which is what makes the mobile application so popular. Also, if a person that you like happens to like you back you can send them a message or instead choose to keep playing.

7 Communication and Colloquial Language

Texting is one of the most derided forms of communication, but also one of the most efficient. I say it is the most derided as it has changed the way that we speak to one another and, in turn, the way that we feel about each other. Feelings are no longer entirely based upon how a person acts around you or towards you, but also on the way in which they speak to you.

Love used to be about the boy that would walk an extra thirty minutes just to see you for ten, or about somebody who could steal your heart with a smile; not the guy who says «Hey hun, running L8 – C U @ 5 :-)

Do you think technology has changed the way we love and romance for the better or worse?

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