5. Nerves

Girls, how many times have your nerves gotten in the way of rocking your man's world? Our fear is one of the easiest ways for things to get weird in bed.

A lot of time we plan and fantasize, and come up with all these fun things to do, but when you get to the moment, you forget everything. Sometimes it's like you have a checklist and end up rushing through it because you aren't staying in the moment. Remember, the guy is as nervous as you are, even if you don't see it. Try to relax and remember, you are the one, who holds the power. That is key!

The Goodbye


Heather Jensen
Exactly! I think that all women need to be respected.
Make sure he treats you with the respect a woman rightly deserves & offers you a glass of water after meaningless, nameless sex. Good advice that.
Heather Jensen
Ditto! Thank you for reading Christine! :)
like this articlel <3
Excellent article because all of these are damn near universal and true. A co-worker of mine did a kiss and tell of how condoms kept getting lost in her "whoo-ha" like she was somehow responsible...re...
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