6. The Goodbye

You just had the big finish and it's the moment of, "do I stay or do I go?". Some girls want to stay and cuddle and some don't want to be "that girl" that clings around after sex. The goodbye is that unspoken awkward moment that's a major weird thing in a relationship.

The best thing to do is to not stay around unless your guy asks you too. Be respected as a woman and let him offer you water, or walk you to your car, but don't invade his space if you aren't invited. Keep it simple, and without any expectations. That way you don't have to over-think the goodbye, and make yourself crazy in the head.

Moments, when You're Stuck


Heather Jensen
Exactly! I think that all women need to be respected.
Make sure he treats you with the respect a woman rightly deserves & offers you a glass of water after meaningless, nameless sex. Good advice that.
Heather Jensen
Ditto! Thank you for reading Christine! :)
like this articlel <3
Excellent article because all of these are damn near universal and true. A co-worker of mine did a kiss and tell of how condoms kept getting lost in her "whoo-ha" like she was somehow responsible...re...
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