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7 Ways to Accept Your Friend-Zoned Status ...

By Rosie

Okay, so being friend-zoned absolutely SUCKS! But, remember to hold your head up high and act as cool as a cucumber. How exactly do you do that? Guest contributor Rosie Marcus is here to help with her tips.

Want to know what I hate? When people say girls can’t be friend-zoned! Oh geez, it gets me fired up! Why can’t girls be friend- zoned! Ah, but that’s not why you’re here…you are here to learn how to accept your newly friend-zoned status. Shall we begin?

1 Go Ahead and Cry

Firstly, it is OKAY to cry! Never think that you can’t cry… tears are all the pent up anger and frustration you’ve held in for so long. So let yourself cry and allow yourself to feel self-pity.

2 Not Forever Though

Don’t cry forever. Sure you do need to cry but crying and living in self-pity will only lead to depression. Remind yourself that you will be okay and that there are plenty of fish in the sea, cupcakes in the get the idea.

3 Stay Friends

Don’t let your love for this person ruin your friendship with him. You may not be able to date him, but realize that even though you can’t BE with him, you can still be with him. I know that sounds really confusing, but remember this guy is willing to stay your friend, so why should you turn away?


You girls out there who HAVEN’T confessed to this guy... what are you waiting for?! If this guy doesn’t even know that you like him, you can't really blame him for his attitude. However, if he has a girlfriend you may want to hold off on your confession. I know it hurts, but you don’t want him to hate you for possibly ruining a relationship he has with someone else.

5 Try Again

Now don’t take this the wrong way. But it is okay to look for other options, even though you may potentially love this guy. You may find someone that surpasses the love you feel for this guy.

6 Stalker Status

It's okay if you don't want to look for someone else, but stop stalking your friend! Why? Because you may lose even the friendship you share with him. Now don’t think that means you can’t stick by him but don’t sit there and wallow in your love and confess to him every other day. Don't stalk his Facebook and leave silly comments that make him look bad.

7 Falling out of Love

Just remember it is okay to fall OUT of love with him. It's going to happen at some point and that day will be amazing!

Being in the friend-zone sucks, but you have an equal opportunity to either continue to love him or to move on. So which one are you going to take?

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