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7 Ways to Assure He'll Never Lose Interest in You ...

By Holly

You and your man are on good terms now, but you can't help but worry about whether that's all going to change one day. I mean, people are always saying how married couples stop sleeping together and start arguing once they hit a certain point. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. Here are a few ways to assure that he'll never lose interest in you:

1 Be Spontaneous

After you've been together for a while, you'll fall into a certain routine. You'll see each other on certain days, go to certain restaurants, and hang out with certain people. While there's nothing wrong with developing a routine, you have to break it every once in a while. Surprise him with reservations for a restaurant in a different town or buy him tickets for a show in the city. Do whatever you can to keep him on his toes.

2 Keep up Appearances

You don't have to wear makeup every morning and toss out every pair of sweatpants you own. However, you should occasionally dress nicely just for him. Buy some lingerie or a new dress that he won't be able to take his eyes off of. If you're with the right man, he'll return the favor by buying something for himself to wear that you'll adore.

3 Never Stop Learning

This one is essential, not only for your relationship, but for yourself. If you've been with your man for years, then he'll eventually have nothing left to learn about you--unless you keep trying new things. Join a class or take a trip. That way, you'll be living a life you enjoy and will constantly have new things for him to learn about you.

4 Have Your Own Friends

Don't let your man become your entire life. If he sees that you have plenty of friends that love spending time with you, he'll realize how lucky he is to have you and won't lose interest. That's why it's important to organize your time--because you want to have a social life that doesn't involve your man.

5 Continue Dating

If you act like a boring old married couple, then you'll start to feel that why. That's why you need to continue to go out on dates. It'll give you a chance to dress up, show each other off in public, and have flirty conversations. If you want your relationship to stay interesting, you have to act like you're still in the honeymoon phase, even when you've been together for decades.

6 Give Him What He Wants

You aren't his slave, so you don't have to wait on him hand and foot. However, he won't lose interest in you if you always surprise him by doing something special. If you know he loves cheesecake, pick him up a slice on the way home from work. If you know he hates taking out the garbage, do it for him after he had a rough day.

7 Never Lose Interest in Him

If you don't want him to lose interest in you, then you can't lose interest in him. If you're both happy to be involved in each other's lives, then you won't have a problem. You'll always be excited to spend time together.

As long as you continue to put effort into your relationship, you two shouldn't have a problem. What do you do to make sure that your relationship remains fun and fresh?

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