Ways to Avoid 🙏Depression after a Breakup 💔 for Girls Who Are Devastated 😰 ...

Looking for ways to avoid depression after a breakup?

After calling off a relationship that you thought would last forever, what are you supposed to do next? Time magazine says those who go through a break up are 20 times more likely to go through depression within the next year.

It's not going to be easy, but by paying attention to yourself, you can get through this difficult time and come out the other end happy and smiling.

Below are some tips to avoid depression after a breakup. Follow these soul searching ideas, each of which will lead you on the better path ahead.

1. Avoid Contact with Your Ex

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One of the best ways to avoid depression after a breakup is to stay away from your ex. Sometimes this is unavoidable given the fact that you two have the same social circle or work at the same place, but minimizing contact will give you the space you need. Try to go back to the life you had before he was in it. Also, avoid the places you know he hangs out at.

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