Ways to Avoid the Temptation to Cheat ...

Have you ever been tempted to cheat … maybe just the once? Do you think it's okay if you can get away with it? Maybe you could … but that doesn't make it right. And you should never act on temptation. If you cheat, you're not only risking your relationship but showing a lack of respect for your partner. Here's how to avoid the temptation to cheat …

1. Remind Yourself What You're Risking

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When you feel tempted to cheat on your partner, remind yourself of what you are putting at risk. You're endangering your relationship and will hurt your partner if they find out. You could lose your stability if your partner finds out and decides to end the relationship. And it will be nobody's fault but yours. Is it really worth it for a quick bit of fun?

2. Doesn't Your Partner Deserve Better?

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Also ask yourself this question: doesn't your partner deserve better than being cheated on? Don't they deserve your respect and loyalty? Finding out that you've cheated will damage their self-esteem as they'll wonder what's wrong with them (nothing!). If you can't be loyal to them, then you shouldn't be in a relationship.

3. Would You Want It to Happen to You?

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Put yourself in the position of someone who's been cheated on. How would it feel? Could you really brush it off as a one-night stand, or just a mistake? Chances are you'd be devastated. If you wouldn't want it to happen to you, then you shouldn't do it to someone else. It's that simple.

4. Stay Away from Temptation

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You can also avoid putting yourself in any 'dangerous' situations. If you fancy someone else, don't be alone with them or in any intimate situations. Also avoid drinking, as alcohol may lower your inhibitions and make you think it's ok to do something you shouldn't.

5. Don't Think That Your Partner Will Never Find out

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They may say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", but you can never be sure that your partner won't find out. And even if you do manage to keep your cheating a secret, there's still a risk that they might find out later on. You can't be complacent. Nor can you be sure that other people won't drop you in it and tell your partner what you've been up to.

6. If He's Someone else's Partner … He's Not for You

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You may not be the one who's in a relationship, but if you get involved with a man who already has a partner, you're condoning a cheat and being part of the problem. Keep away from guys who are seeing someone else; even a brief fling is wrong. If he's someone else's partner, he's not for you.

7. It Still Counts if It's Just a One off …

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Some people rationalise their cheating by deciding that it doesn't count if they have no intention of repeating the experience. That's just a way of justifying behavior that's wrong. One-night stands still count - otherwise you could have a different fling every night and claim it's not cheating!

Use your brain if you're ever tempted to cheat, and think about the potential consequences of what you're about to do. As well as the emotional issues, you could also be risking your health, as well as risking getting pregnant by someone who probably wouldn't be there for you. So just don't do it!

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