4. Give Him Some Space

You have your interests, your needs, your friends and so does he, plus you might even have completely different schedules which, logically, means your free time doesn’t necessarily have to be his free time as well. So, if he’s being fair and letting you have an undisturbed chat with your friends/yoga class/whatever, you should do the same.

One of the great ways to be a good girlfriend is to find a perfect balance between sharing and getting to know each other much better and sticking your nose into the most private things he’s still not ready to share. Don’t be pushy, take it slow and let him open up in his own pace. It’s actually a much better and a much more interesting strategy for both of you because it makes things fun and gives you something to talk about every time you’re together so, as I see it, there is really no good reason to push things.

Don’t Try to Change Him


Help needed i am dating a boy named Luke and when i smile he goes okayy.??
Hi, I really like this guy and he is single, he is popular and I am not. I really like him and I think he likes me. I have never dated before, what can I do to get him to notice ma and hopefully ask me out/ help please!!!
homecoming gal
Hi! So here’s my situation: I was asked to homecoming by one of my good guy-friends as a date and I said yes because I kinda like him. Homecoming is this saturday. He’s picking me up and taking me...
Hey Mara, When you say "enthusiastic", what exactly do you mean? Is he flirting with her? If yes, does he do it all the time? I don't know about the trust part of it but if he's excessively flirting w...
I should trust him. But, it's difficult. Because he kept on talking with the girls he used to court! And his replies are very enthusiastic! What would I do? I felt like he only courted me because the girl doesn't like him. :(
Lol boys will be boys I guess and he's only in the 6th grade!
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