7. Compliment Him

We’re used to getting a lot of compliments and we’ll probably get mad if he forgets to tell us how beautiful we are or fails to notice a new dress. But what about our men? Don’t they deserve to know how highly we think of them? Well, those honest compliments or, let’s call them, rational observations are one of the ways to be a good girlfriend. Yes, I know you wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t so smart, funny, interesting, charming and, of course, good looking but – does he know all that?

I really think men deserve just as many compliments as women and I believe knowing exactly how we feel about them makes them more comfortable, confident and less jealous, of course.

Now, in case you’ve carefully read all these ways to be a good girlfriend only to realize you don’t really need to change anything, congrats, your man is certainly one lucky guy and I really hope he’s doing everything to be a good boyfriend as well. As for the others, who did manage to find things that could use some improvement, tell me – which one of these ways to be a good girlfriend made you understand you

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Lol Mary, It's so hard though, isn't it? :D
Thanks for share great post..I have got to stop nagging!
i found someone but im afraid to ask him out. im alright with getting denied but then our relationship will never be the same
He is still WAY to young, he needs to grow up, why don't you look someone your age or maybe a year older?
Okay so im a 7th grade girl and im dating a 6th grade boy and we really like each other but if our hands accidentally touch he goes "ewww" why does he do that? i wanna hold his hand but i dont wanna ask. i need help.
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