5. Pay Attention

You can't allow the conversation to revolve around you. You need to make sure that you give your crush time to talk. More importantly, you need to actually listen to what he's saying. Don't ignore him, because you're so focused on how you're sitting and if your make-up got messed up. He'll be able to tell if you're actually listening to him, so no matter how distracting his hotness is, listen to his words.

Remember the Little Things


Lexy Rane
Well I have a boyfriend , He keeps asking me how he wants to kiss.. Is he insecure or what? I just don't know what to do or say ugh?!! Thanks!
I like these tips .. they are much realistic and they are effective ..(y)
Well I looked on this guys Instagram and he put up a picture of him and his girlfriend just 14 weeks ago, but why is he wanting to go to town with me and play fight me? Guys usually only play fight wh...
@courtne it did! thank you so much :)
@Sally I had and actually still kind of have the same problem as you... The best thing I've learned is to know that you are good enough and that even if he doesn't see it doesn't matter. Coming from s...
@kanika thankyou so much, that has honestly helped me! Yeah I guess you're right, I should let him make the first move. I give him hints saying "I really do like you" and he either changes the subject...
Anybody please?! I really like this guy too
Hi! I need help! I can do all these things on this list except for the be confident part 😕 that literally is the main thing and I have problems with it! Can you give me advice on how to be confident?
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