8 Ways to Be Less Shy around Guys ...

If you’ve been avoiding Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now), here’s how to be less shy around guys. As someone whose nerves get the best of her as soon as a hottie walks by, I’ve rounded up 8 tips on how to show your crush that you’re the gal of his dreams. So what are you waiting for?

1. Look Your Best

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One of the first ways to be less shy around guys is to make sure you look and feel in tip top shape. That means you should keep a close eye on personal hygiene, wear an outfit you feel comfortable (and gorgeous) in, and slather on a little of your favorite lip gloss. Confidence is key when approaching a guy you like, so putting in the extra effort will certainly pay off.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

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Do you have a gaggle of guy friends you have no romantic interest in? How about a brother or male cousins? Offer up food/homework help/chore duty and hold practice sessions before going up to the boy you’ve been crushing on for ages. Just remember: those first meetings are only perfect in the movies…unless you’ve gone through a few practice runs!

3. Join a Club

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A foolproof way to assert yourself is to join a new club. Not only will you make friends, but you might also win over a male admirer or two. Plus, your new after school activity will beef up your college application!

4. Smile

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You’ll be less shy around guys as soon as you crack your biggest smile. It’ll make you look much friendlier, so the boy you have your eye on will find it easy to open up. After all, who could resist a gorgeous, grinning girl?

5. Eye Contact is Key

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Think about it this way: would you ever date a guy who stares at the concrete all day long? Didn’t think so. The next time you talk to him, make sure you see eye to eye –literally.

6. Don’t Expect a Date

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Another definite way to be less shy around guys is to not expect every conversation to end with a phone number and plans for a movie night. If you’re focused on actually getting to know the guy who’s caught your eye, the worst you’ll end up with is a new friend –and that’s pretty darn good. But act like an obsessed stalker, and he’ll write you off forever!

7. Pay Attention

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My favorite way to act less shy around guys is to have a few topics of discussion in mind beforehand. But in order to come prepared, you’ll need to pay close attention to his interests (for example, does he walk around wearing a Yankees cap or doodle in his notebooks?). Once you have a few points to touch on, the conversation will be easy, breezy.

8. Start Online

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If you’re painfully shy and shudder at the thought of chatting with your crush, start with a simple Facebook chat message or a comment on one of his posts. A great topic to start off with is a comment about school or question about the night’s homework. It’ll prepare you for the next time you see him in class –just don’t forget to thank him for reminding you what page the math homework was on.

These are my best ways to be less shy around guys. Which tips will you try on your crush? Do you have any of your own to add?

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