8 Ways to Be More Involved with Your Man ...

Being more involved with your man isn't something that just happens without any work. We all have to maintain our relationships with lots of dedication and TLC. If you feel like you always seem to end up with guys who don't seem to care, or ever want to c communicate, don't give up! This article will give you some ways to be more involved with your man. Being involved has more to do with making time for each other and finding common ground then it does sitting down and having heart to heart chats every week. Keep on reading for some rock-solid tips of being more involved with your man!

1. Try New Things

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Many times, a relationship may be at a stand still because you never mix things up. Trying out something new is the key step to becoming more involved with your man. By doing this, you can find out things that he likes and dislikes, and you will have something fun to look forward to and discuss. Some options include eating at a new restaurant, or trying an activity together such as rock climbing, yoga, or sculpture classes.

2. Do Something That HE Wants to do

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Don't you love it when your sweetheart goes shopping with you, attends your class presentations, and runs errands with you? Today, for a change, why not do something HE wants to do! Let him see that his feeling count too, and he will be apt to become more involved. Let him choose the movie, or plan the date this time around!

3. Meet for Coffee

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I truly believe meeting for coffee is underestimated these days! Scheduling a time to actually sit down and have coffee with your love, even if it's only for 10 minutes, will help you to connect and establish bonds. Here's an even better way to be more involved: bring homework if you both have classes and drill each other and study together over coffee!

4. Be a Kid Again

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What happened to good old fashioned dates like going to the fair or the carnival? I think that every one needs a little fun in their lives, especially guys! You can be more involved with your man if you and him do something fun and crazy every now and then. Head over to the mall and ride the bumper cars or go to the park and swing!

5. Be Competitive

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Most men and boys love activities where they have a chance to win. If you want ways to be more involved with your guy, then try out a sport or activity thats competitive! Some great ideas include laser tag, board games, xbox or nintendo, volleyball, or water sports.

6. Bust out the Oven Mitts

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Why not try cooking something for your man? Men love to be spoiled, and by making it for him, you get a chance to be more involved. Find out what his favorite dishes are, then make it for him. The two of you can enjoy it by candlelight or out on a romantic picnic!

7. Go Back to Ground One

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Ask yourself this question: what attracted you to him in the first place? What activities did the two of you enjoy together before you fell into a rut? Try going back to level one and working up from there. Rent the first movie you ever saw together, or go on a date to the place you first met. You will cultivate your relationship and be more involved than ever!

8. Try a Comedy Club

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We all need a good laugh, and we all love to laugh, so why not spend of evening filed with laughter? Head out to a local comedy club, and just enjoy yourselves. Sometimes, you don't need to "talk it over" or "discuss it out". Just enjoy each others company and share a good laugh!

Each of these ideas will be a fun, new, and exciting way for you to be More Involved with your man! Sometimes, finding a way to spend time together or just being more involved with your man isn't easy, especially with schedules and work and school. But I guarantee that if you try some of these ideas, you will find that being more involved with your man will come easily and your relationship will grow because of it!

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