7 Ways to Be Sexy While Staying Classy ...


There are ways to be sexy and classy, so you don't have to choose between one or the other. If you want to lure in a guy that wants a serious relationship instead of just a fling, combining the looks are the best way to attract the right men. Here are some of the basic ways to be sexy and classy:

1. How You Dress

Men are visual creatures, which means that they would love to see every woman walk around naked. Of course, it wouldn't be very classy to do that, which is why you need to cover yourself up a reasonable amount. You can wear a super short skirt or a really low cut shirt, but don't wear them together. One of the ways to be sexy and classy is to only wear one provocative item at a time. Less isn't always more, you know.

How You Talk


Shannon Bauer
I always to be at the point I I need a boyfriend
SunShine Gurl
I agree to some of it, but I shouldn't act or be who I am not, around a guy I want to get to know.
I agree with all of this, maybe not the swearing but that's just me
helps me
I will say I wear no makeup, do not curse, and try to be as modest as possible. Men totes love the classy rather than the skanky. Leave a little to the imagination, girls c;
this is really go advice to follow thank u
A little mystery will always go a long way ;)
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