7 Ways to Be Sexy While Staying Classy ...


7 Ways to Be Sexy While Staying Classy ...
7 Ways to Be Sexy While Staying Classy ...

There are ways to be sexy and classy, so you don't have to choose between one or the other. If you want to lure in a guy that wants a serious relationship instead of just a fling, combining the looks are the best way to attract the right men. Here are some of the basic ways to be sexy and classy:

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How You Dress

Men are visual creatures, which means that they would love to see every woman walk around naked. Of course, it wouldn't be very classy to do that, which is why you need to cover yourself up a reasonable amount. You can wear a super short skirt or a really low cut shirt, but don't wear them together. One of the ways to be sexy and classy is to only wear one provocative item at a time. Less isn't always more, you know.


How You Talk

When you're flirting with a man, you'll have the urge to make some sexual jokes or comments in order to let him know how you feel. However, you shouldn't come on too strong. Give him a compliment here and there, but don't go overboard. You don't want to seem too easy to get, because then he might forget about how valuable you are.


How You Sit

Your posture can determine how sexy you end up looking. You can lean over so that he has a nice view of your cleavage, but if you want to stay classy, try sitting with your back straight. You'll look just as attractive, but it'll be a more subtle look. You can still let him know you're interested by your eye contact.


How You Touch Him

You don't want to grope your crush. If you must touch him, make sure to give him light touches in appropriate places like his arm or leg. As long as you don't keep your hands on him for too long, it won't appear scandalous. It's just the right amount of flintiness to keep you looking sophisticated.


How You Wear Your Makeup

Some women like to cover their faces with makeup, which there's nothing wrong with, but people will judge you based on how much eye shadow you use and how dark your lipstick is. If you care about first impressions, then make sure to go easy on the makeup.


How You Sound

You don't want to talk too loudly if you're in a quiet location. A huge aspect of being classy is knowing what volume to keep your voice at. You should also be careful with how often you curse. It's okay for a lady to spit out a few cusses, but you don't want to sound like a sailor.


How You Eat

If you want to eat something suggestive, like a banana or lollipop, your crush will find it sexy. However, to keep it classy you need to eat it without making it appear even more provocative than it already seems. His mind will already be running, so you don't have to help him jump to conclusions.

It's difficult to find the right balance between sexy and classy, but once you do, you'll feel more confident than you ever have before. How do you usually dress when you go out with your crush?

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this is really go advice to follow thank u

I always to be at the point I I need a boyfriend

I agree to some of it, but I shouldn't act or be who I am not, around a guy I want to get to know.

A little mystery will always go a long way ;)

I agree with all of this, maybe not the swearing but that's just me

helps me

I will say I wear no makeup, do not curse, and try to be as modest as possible. Men totes love the classy rather than the skanky. Leave a little to the imagination, girls c;

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