5. Leave Notes

This one stems from my deep love of writing thank you notes. Luckily, the constant togetherness of a relationship bodes well for quirky correspondence in the note arena. Some mornings, he’ll leave earlier than you. Leave him a note on his bedside that says something sweet, sexy or encouraging for the week. He’ll find it later and whether he reciprocates or not, he’ll love that you left one.

Build Him up


@lilhez, I completely agree!
Just do your own thing and don't be all clingy. My boyfriends ex played a ton of mind games and was controlling and manipulative. I lay everything out on the table and he and I are partners above all else. That's what love is.
princess jadets
@Dianeg, i read that book the 5 love language is one of the best book...i really like it..
Not argue and be an obsessive bitch ..
I'm really on the fence with this post...being a woman is about being true to yourself no matter if you are in a relationship or not. When in a relationship always be true. If you begin doing things t...
Porn is ok for a relationship ? Ok of course this is the American Society. I will never trust the person who posts this. Sorry but I want a guy who not only respects me but himself. I would rather be selfish and not compete with porn.
I'm so stealing the beer mug one from you because my girl loves to drink her beer...:) Haha...
Love these tips! I agree 100% and do most. Thanks!
if he dosnt accept u for who u are then get rid!! he should make an effort to
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