10 Ways to Be the Coolest 😎 Girlfriend πŸ’ Ever πŸ‘Œ in the Eyes πŸ‘€ of Your Man ...

There are so many ways to be a cool girlfriend! They'll each put you on the journey to a permanent relationship. Every guy wants a girl who understands him and accepts him for the way he is. Knowing how to be a cool girlfriend will help you tune into his feelings and the way he ticks and prove your value in the relationship. Hopefully you’ll get the same in return and get the coolest boyfriend ever. So, here are my favorite ways to be a cool girlfriend.

1. You Allow Him Time Apart

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There’s nothing worse than a clingy girlfriend who won’t let a guy be away from her. One of the best ways to be a cool girlfriend is to give him some space. Don’t text him every 10 minutes. Don’t quiz him about who he’s going out with and where. Don’t just β€œhappen to drop in” at the bar where he and his guys are hanging out and don’t expect blow by blow details of his evening out. Irrational jealousy and anger is ugly. Be comfortable and trusting enough to do your own thing while he’s off doing his.

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