7 Ways to Bounce Back after a Bad Break up ...


We all know that getting over a break up is not easy but there are ways to bounce back. The end of a relationship is time to take stock, to turn the page of an old chapter of life, and open a new page of blank space to be filled with your next exciting phase. When one door closes, another opens, and this is a great attitude to take. With that view and these ways to bounce back after a break up, you’ll soon put the hurt of whatshis(her)name behind you.

1. Look after Yourself

Of all the ways to bounce back from a bad break up, there is nothing so good as a bit of self-indulgence and me-focus. Look after yourself, pamper yourself and just take some me time. Go for a pedicure, massage, or have your nails done. Get your hair cut – go wild and chop it all off, color it crazy and give yourself a whole new look! Just be sure that it is what you really, really want and don’t have hair cut remorse 3 days later and blame your hairdresser.

Get Away


Azalea Jewett
Wish this was posted around 2 months ago when I was starving myself out of grief.
Now that I've put on 4kgs in 3 weeks since the break up... I can see exercise would have been a better outlet than food!!
Neecey Beresford
@Maryb, Thank you for putting it so well and so succinctly. I appreciate your response.
My reaction when i saw the tardis😄
Elizabeth Drew
Doctor who!!!!!!!!!!!
This goes to -Allie's- comment. If this sounds unrealistic, then either A. You've never been in love, or B. You're just in denial. Everything listed I believe are positive and realistic ways in coping...
Why the doctor who picture? Love it XD
Perfect 👌👍
I like the doctor who pic....Lol
Wow this is really unrealistic. Who just ACCEPTS theare relationship and then acts like a narcissist? And everyone knows you have to get a rebound lol
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