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Learning all of the tips and tricks on how to build your confidence with men is never easy, but it is something that all of us women have to do. I know that when I was trying to build confidence, it took such a long time, but I learned a lot! So girls, if you don't have lot confidence and you are looking to boost that up, I've got all of the top tips on how to build your confidence with men so that you know exactly how to do it!

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Good Posture

Believe it or not, the way that you stand your ground and walk can actually make you more sure of yourself. In fact, it's one of the most essential steps in learning how to build your confidence with men. So straighten your spine and put your shoulders back, it'll make you carry yourself better and make you appear more confident. I've noticed that when I am slouching down and rolling my shoulders inward, I am not as confident as when I walk with good posture.



Another way to build confidence with men is to actually be grateful for what you have and what experiences that you've gone through. A lot of women get a little cocky when they are confident and you don't want to come across that way. You want to come across confident, cool and humble!



Whenever you are trying to build confidence with men, you've got to be able to mingle and mix with multiple men and multiple personalities. You've got to make sure that you can actually handle all of the different personalities at a bar or club and also learn exactly how to approach a man and start a conversation. It all starts with practice, girls!


Put Yourself out There

Mixing and mingling is all about putting yourself out there and that's exactly what you've got to do when you are learning how to build confidence with men. You've got to be willing to really put yourself out there and let people see just how awesome you are! Seriously girls, this is the key!


Don't Talk Yourself out of Things

I know, when I was learning how to build confidence, one of the biggest things that I had to learn was not to talk myself out of approaching someone or at least attending the bar. You've got to stop talking yourself out of things, girls! You are beautiful, you are awesome and you need to make sure that you get out there and show yourself!


Speak up

A lot of the time, girls will get out to the bar, but they won't talk at all, they won't speak up and really talk to a guy. Girls, if you're going to be confident, why not speak up and really let your personality shine through? Guys want a girl that is confident and someone that speaks up!


Take Yourself off Auto-Pilot

Finally, don't go on auto-pilot as soon as you step into a bar. Don't think that this bar is the same as every other bar or the same as every other club. You want to look at it through a unique lens and make sure that you do find yourself a man to approach. Trust me, this is a hard one to break, but it's worth it!

So ladies, I know that it's hard to build confidence with men, but it can be done! So, what other ways do you have on how to build confidence with men? Do you have any more tips?

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