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Online Dating Profiles are super important if you're one of the ladies hoping to meet Mr. Right via an online dating website. Your online dating profile is almost like your resume for a job. It's a way you can sell yourself to the next great guy out there. Below, I've got the top 7 ways you can create the best and most awesome online dating profile so you can meet Mr. Right in no time at all!

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Package Yourself

When you're placing yourself online via an online dating profile, it's important for you to package yourself. Make sure that you take the right photo, write the right things about yourself and give him some visual options that express you. If you like dogs, take a pic of you and post it with your furry friend. If you are outdoorsy, why not take a picture of you hiking? It'll let him know your likes without you having to say a word!


Remember the Target Guy

Whenever you're creating any dating profiles, make sure that you have a target guy in mind. Are you thinking about dating someone that loves animals? What about that loves working out? Make sure that you mention that those are important features in your description, that way the right guy will know what you're into!


Have an Awesome Opener

If you've ever been on a dating website, you probably only read the opening line right away right? Only because you are probably skimming through a ton of different online dating profiles right? Well ladies, that's why you want to make sure that your profile has an awesome opener, something really attention grabbing!


Update Often

If you still have a profile that has a picture from the 90's on there, you've got to update. No guy wants to show up for a date expecting one thing and getting another! It also shows that you are serious about dating if they see that you've updated your profile recently!


Be Honest

One of the most important tricks that I can pass onto you when it comes to online dating profiles is be honest. You don't need to beef up yourself in order to get a date, I bet you are fantastic! Just be honest with your likes, dislikes and be upfront about what is important to you. The guy will be happy to finally meet a girl who knows what she wants!


Proofread Everything

Just because you know the English language, doesn't mean you write it all of the time right? Ladies, if you're going to have an online profile for dating, make sure that you proofread everything. Guys hate when there are spelling mistakes and grammar error!


Post Appealing Photos

Finally, make sure that your photo is appealing! You want a photo (or a couple) that make you look beautiful and show off your best assets. You should never post any cleavage shots or shots with a ton of skin showing, but show off that pearly white smile all you want! The guys will appreciate it!

Making sure that you're making the best online dating profile isn't always easy, but it is important. After all, you want to make sure that you're selling yourself to the right guy. So ladies, what online dating profile disasters have you seen? Any you can share?

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